Theresa May talks Brexit with business leaders from EU, UK





Business leaders from both sides of the English Channel are meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May to urge her to accelerate talks on Britain’s exit from the European Union as uncertainty about future trading relationships threatens jobs and investment.

European business leaders are urging Britain to make concrete proposals on the so-called divorce issues so the negotiations can move forward. The EU has refused to discuss trade until there is agreement on Britain’s financial obligations, citizens’ rights and the Irish border.

Industry groups from Germany, France, Britain and other EU countries have sent representatives to London amid concern that time is running out to ensure more than 550 billion pounds ($719 billion) of trade keeps flowing smoothly after the U.K. leaves the bloc in March 2019. They want a transitional period during which Britain would remain in the European single market and customs union so companies could adjust to the new relationship after Brexit.

“Business is extremely concerned with the slow pace of negotiations,” BusinessEurope, an umbrella organization of business lobbies, said in a recent statement. “Business wants to avoid a cliff edge. Our companies need certainty and time to prepare and adjust to the post-Brexit situation.”